On my way flying back to San Francisco. I realized that an airplane is just a rocket with wings. We know that rockets are great at propulsion. That is getting you from point A to point B. But why would planes need wings? We know that wings are used to create lift? So why do we need to create lift? Why can’t the airplane be on the ground?


If a rocket needed to move on the ground, like a train, it would have to trudge through very viscous material. By that I mean things like a street or a railroad. That wouldn’t get a plane very fast or move it very far. In addition it puts quite a strain on energy. Where can you minimize friction? The Sky!

Why the Sky? Well the more you move up in the atmosphere, the less matter or air, there is to cause friction. This is a great solution.

Now why do we need wings and lift? Lift from the wings gives us an interesting discount on the amount of effort it takes to move. It’s lessens the burden on the fuel.

The more fuel you carry, the heavier your aircraft is. Then you’ll need fuel to offset that. You want to minimize the fuel for your fuel. 😜

With lift, you get very good bargain on how much fuel you’d use. But since lift is also dependent on air, you can’t go too high, or else there would be no lift! In a hypothetical environment, without air, you can do without the wings. They’re useless. A plane could just be a rocket.