I recently got a new puppy to… deal with stress. LOL. Well, if you get a puppy yourself… then you need to be prepared with intense separation anxiety. There’s going to be a great chance that your puppy will have intense separation anxiety. Here’s how to ween your new puppy off of the attention whoredom.

The First Few Nights

The puppy is going to be new to your house. It’s going to be particularly freaked out. If your breeder, shelter, rescue gave you a blanket that the puppy was raised on, this will come in handy as the scent will be calming. If not, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Get a crate, or a blanket and keep the puppy close to you. It doesn’t need to sleep on your bed, it just likes being near your bed.

  2. Comfort it as much as you can. You will barely sleep. You are only trying to make the puppy understand that this is a new home and it’s not being abducted.

  3. Have tons of treats to comfort the dog.

The Next 7-14 days

Make the puppy love the crate. Give a lot of treats and occassional meals in the crate. Never yell at your pup to have it associate the crate with something negative.

Always make sure that the puppy sleeps near the crate. You can now move the crate to a different part of the house.

Tricks to Keep your Puppy Quiet

  1. DO NOT greet your puppy when you enter the room where you’ve kept it in the crate. If you need to get something from the room, barge in, and barge out. Don’t give it eye contact. He or she must not know that you’re responding to it’s whines

  2. Make a spreadsheet to calculate the amount of times the puppy has kept quiet. For example, write the duration of the whining session and the duration of the quiet time. Regression is extremely normal, be dileg

  3. Tire your puppy out as much as possible before bed.

  4. Don’t give water or food past 8 or 9 pm. This will maximize the amount of pee and poop it lets out before bed and will also minimizes the amount of times it will wake up.

  5. Do not go back into the room and coax your puppy if it’s whining. Give it attention when it’s quiet. If it’s loud, ignore it and show no signs of giving it attention.

Your puppy needs to understand that using it’s voice will not garner any attention from you. You will give it attention on your own terms

Godspeed and good luck to tigermom/tigderdad land.