2019 was an amazing year for me and my company. One major factor I attribute to its success is that I actually wrote down what I wanted to accomplish. So let’s continue what worked!

Recap of 2019 Goals

  • Get 1 Enterprise Company in the pipeline for Ditto - We beat this out of the ball park now with over 5 and even more planned for 2020
  • Rehome Tucker - Tucker is the dog that I adopted for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, due to my extreme travel, I wasn’t able to give him the intense amount of exercise that he deserved. We found him a lovely home with a couple that lives very close by. He looks absolutely happy as hell.
  • Blog monthly - I failed at this one. I will roll this over.

Wrap Up Comments about 2019

I really devoted all of 2019 to the company. Ditto was everything and it was so important that I established the company was building something of heavy demand. We are very fortunate to have so many leads in our sales pipeline. I’ll be writing more about how we achieved this success soon in coming blog posts.

2020 Goals

Unlike last year, we are now a venture backed company, so it’s not so easy to declare what my goals are to the public. But here are my personal goals!

  • 18% body fat by April 1st, 2020
  • 15% body fat by July 1st, 2020
  • Diet of 80% calories from vegetables
  • Achieve 50 grams of protein, but no more than 60 grams for a day - If you want to know more about the logic behind it, here is a research paper
  • 4 days of water fast a month, every last 4 day of a month.
  • Workout 8 hrs each week - I am averaging 5.5 hrs now
  • 45 BPM heart rate by March 1st, 2020 - Right now my resting hear rate is around 48 BPM. Which is pretty good!
  • 1 hr of French every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • 1 hr of Korean every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Move to a more social part of San Francisco - I live in Pacific Heights, which is not exactly thriving. I need to be social, so I’d like to move to the Marina or Mission.