The best advice I can give to founders attempting enterprise sales and marketing is to stop talking about the technology.

At Ditto, we're very familiar with this mistake. Behold, our 2018 product description:

Ditto is a cross platform SDK for enterprise developers to allow them to build real time application in disconnected environments. Ditto can run in any device, mobile, laptops, servers and IoT devices. It is peer to peer distributed database that allows synchronization using conflict free replicated data types (CRDTs) and handles offline writes and automatic reconnection while keeping data integrity.

We had this on our website, the backs of our business cards, our pitch decks, and worse we sent it to prospects over email. When I first wrote this out, I thought that enterprise sales involved describing everything in detail. So, it felt very right to compose a large paragraph with big words. However, I learned the hard way since no body responded to any emails containing that dumpster fire paragraph. Prospects are human, made of the same flesh and blood as the rest of us. They're limited in time and attention just like the average consumer and that means getting their attention is extremely hard.

Why the tech paragraph didn't work

If you take a close look at that paragraph, it is only talking about Ditto. Ditto is this, Ditto is that. Who likes to meet a stranger at a party who only talks about him or herself? Well the same applies to conferences, websites, and even email. An endless description of your product's technology may get a couple of leads or sales, but you've probably bored a lot of real potential sales by turning them off.

So what works?

Invert it. Instead of talking about yourself, start talking about the prospective customer's problems. For us, our description was drastically shrunken down to:

Ditto allows apps to sync without internet.

You might miss it but our customer's problem is right in the middle of that sentence. Our customers' most pressing problem is that their apps cannot share information because their employees are working in areas that have little to no internet coverage. The word "internet" is the problem. Merely saying the word perks ears. This simple sentence has become the foundation of all communication between Ditto and the company.

How do we know that this works? Well first off, our leads and sales have skyrocketed since. But nothing is more satisfying than seeing customers introduce us to other prospects by literally repeating that sentence.